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Complete list of Miss Nicaragua 2022 candidates


Miss Nicaragua 2021 Allison Wassmer, 27, of Managua, Nicaragua will crown her successor at the Hotel and Convention Center of Crowne Plaza in Managua on August 6, 2022. It is the 40th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Nicaragua’s Miss Universe candidate.

Currently, Nicaragua has four Miss Universe placements. Representing the Central American country, Beatriz Obregón finished in the Top 12 in 1977, Xiomara Blandino finished in the Top 10 in 2007, Nastassja Bolívar finished in the Top 16 in 2013 and Ana Marcelo finished in the Top 21 in 2020.

Wassmer was crowned Miss Nicaragua 2021 at the Holiday Inn Managua – Convention Center in Managua on August 14, 2021. Glennys Medina Segura of Rivas and Zulema Bravo of Acoyapa were the respective first and second runners-up.

There are 10 women competing for the Miss Nicaragua 2022 crown. Here are the candidates:

  1. Alejandra Villalta, 20, Managua
  2. Andrea Baltodano, 26, San Jorge
  3. Betzy Carolina Dolmuz, 27, Matagalpa
  4. Diana Navarro, 24, Leon
  5. Gabriela Calix, 26, Cinco Pinos
  6. Isabella Salgado, 25, Chinandega
  7. Katherine Burgos, 22, Tipitapa
  8. Katia Duranza, 27, Managua
  9. Norma Huembes Salazar, 24, San Marcos
  10. Yolaina Guillen, 27, Somoto

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