Miss World Estonia 2022 predictions: Adriana Mass, Eliise Randmaa, Geili Meigas


The Eesti Suvepiiga 2022 coronation night will take place at Hilton Park Tallinn Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia on August 14, 2022. It is the 21st edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Estonia’s Miss World, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Eco International, Face of Beauty International and Top Model of the World candidates.

Currently, Estonia has one Miss World placement. Representing the European country, Karin Laasmäe finished in the Top 10 at Miss World 1999.


On October 9, 2021, Karolin Kippasto, 25, of Tartu, Estonia was crowned Miss World Estonia 2021 at the Eesti Suvepiiga 2021 coronation night at Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel in Tallinn. The other reigning queens are Miss Intercontinental Estonia Adriana Mass, 21, of Pärnu, Estonia, Miss Eco International 2021 Diana Yakobson, 19, of Maardu, Face of Beauty Estonia 2021 Carmen Mariette Jaksen of Tallinn and Top Model of the World Estonia 2021 Eleanora Šarova, 17, of Tallinn.

There are seven women competing for the five Eesti Suvepiiga 2022 titles. I believe these will be the five winners:


predicted Top Model Estonia 2023

Carmen Mariette Jaksen


predicted Face of Beauty Estonia 2022

Valeria Semenjuk


predicted Miss Eco Estonia 2023

Geili Meigas


predicted Miss Intercontinental Estonia 2022

Eliise Randmaa


predicted Miss World Estonia 2022

Adriana Mass

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