CAL International is a good fit for AirSeed Technologies, Andrew Walker explains


Headquartered in Sydney, Australian with a secondary satellite office in Cape Town, South Africa, AirSeed Technologies founded by British entrepreneur and engineer Andrew Walker and South African data-mapping analyst and chief pilot Andries Louw. Together, they created the AirSeed team, which is comprised of experienced professionals in engineering, ecology, marine and terrestrial microbiology and data science.

Walker recently approached CAL International to assist in refining the planting systems for their drone technology.  The engineering and smart tech firm was founded by engineer and smart tech entrepreneur Cliff Kirby and is based in Knowsley, Merseyside, England.


“AirSeed is a business that is pushing the boundaries with an ambitious strategy around reforestation,” Walker stated. “Having seen first-hand how CAL has taken concepts such as NeedleSmart and worked in partnership to bring forward truly unique innovation, we knew CAL would be a good fit for AirSeed. CAL have taken responsibility for refining the design of the user interface and manufacturability of the seed pod delivery system.”

“It was important that the engineering and build of this function would integrate into the flight systems and technical aspects of the aerial platform and tele metrics,” Walker continued. “Working with CAL, they have managed to take an existing delivery system design and turn it into a unique pod delivery mechanism. The design and engineering that has gone into the aerial platform from CAL also means we can produce a great number of AirSeed aerial platforms and deploy these into the field quicker to speed up the process of reforestation which will help us in a race against time to mitigate climate change.”


Refrigerated supply lines are required to transport seedlings from nurseries to planting area. Traditional manual planting solutions are slow, labor-intensive, expensive and ineffective in trying to mitigate today’s rate of deforestation.

AirSeed’s aerial platform is 80% cheaper than current planting methods and 25 times faster than manual planting methods. The unique proposition of the platform means it can operate in remote areas that are difficult to access due to challenging terrain or bushfire damage.

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