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Complete list of Miss Portuguesa 2022 candidates


The Miss Portuguesa 2022 coronation night will be held at the Casino Estoril in Carcais, Lisbon, Portugal on September 11, 2022. It is the eighth edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Portugal’s Miss World, Miss International, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International candidates.

Currently, Portugal has three Miss World placements including the second runner-up finish of Ana de Almeida in 1971. The European also has three Miss International crowns including the coronation of Fernanda Alves in 1996.


Miss Portuguesa 2021 was held at the Casino Estoril in Carcais on September 11, 2021. The winners were Miss World Portugal 2021 Lidy Alves of France’s Portuguese community, Miss Universe Portugal 2021 Oricia Dominguez Dos Santos, Miss International Portugal 2021 Rita Reis and Miss Supranational Portugal 2021 and and Miss Grand Portugal 2021 Ana Teixeira.

A total of 19 women will compete for the four Miss Portuguese 2022 crowns. Here are the candidates:

  1. Andreia Pereira
  2. Carolina Serra
  3. Catarina Ferreira
  4. Catarina Quinzereis
  5. Diana Lousão
  6. Elodie Lopes
  7. Jackeline João
  8. Léonie Ferreira
  9. Letícia Ribeiro
  10. Luana Teixeira
  11. Margarida Manso
  12. Marlene Romero
  13. Mónica Cadete
  14. Renata Ribeiro
  15. Sabrina Ribeiro
  16. Sara Campos
  17. Sofia Rodrigues
  18. Daniela Vila Verde
  19. Valerie Faria

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