Mister World Singapore 2022 results: Maurice Wong crowns Joshua Hee in One Farrer Hotel

  • beauty pageant: Mister World Singapore (junior category)
  • organizer: Beam Artistes
  • date: September 8, 2022
  • venue: Grand Ballroom, One Farrer Hotel, Singapore
  • international memberships: Mister World, Man of the World, Mister Grand International
  • judges: Nicole Chen, Mayiduo, Eric Lim
  • candidates: 15



Top 15
Andi Ahma,
Ansel Feng,
Ashger Ali, 20
Charles Lim,
Charles Nicolas, 26
Dexter Sim, 22
Eason Tan,
Harry Tanujaya, 28
Justin Chua Xian An, 26
Kelvin Eng, 27
Stanley Ho, 27
Top 4
Aidid Haidil, 26
Joel Chua, 26
Joshua Hee, 24
Tavis Lee, 25



Mr. Internet PopularityTavis Lee
Mr. CongenialityJustin Chua



Mr. Face by Ido AestheticsTavis Lee
Mr. Kiyoclear SunshineStanley Ho
Mr. Beam Smile (Kiyoclear)Tavis Lee
Mr. Japan IPL ExpressJoshua Hee
Mr. I Rise We Rise (Chivas Regal Singapore)Tavis Lee
Mr. Vintage StudioHarry Tanujaya
Mr. Fabulous Tan (Fabulous Aesthetics)Tavis Lee
Mr. Perfect Abs (Xpress Medical Aesthetics)Joshua Hee
Mr. Hot Bod (Woah! distributor of Muscletech)Joshua Hee
Mr. Suave (Malena Bridal Haute Couture)Aidil Haidil
Mr. Physique (UFC Gym Singapore)Joel Chua
Mr. Mori Mori (Maison Ikkoku)Tavis Lee
Mr. BallisticAidil Haidil
Mr. Pretty Boy (Fleek by Thea)Aidil Haidil



2nd runner-upN/ASean Nicholas Sutiono
1st runner-upAidid HaidilJay Chua
Mister Grand SingaporeJoel ChuaN/A
Man of the World SingaporeTavis LeeN/A
Mister World SingaporeJoshua HeeMaurice Wong

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