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8 most beautiful Miss Idaho USA 2023 candidates

The Miss Idaho USA 2023 coronation night will be held at Red Lion Hotel Templin’s on the River in Post Falls, Idaho, United States on September 11, 2022. It is the 72nd edition of the state-level beauty pageant that selects Idaho’s Miss USA candidate.

Currently, Idaho has five Miss USA placements including the first runner-up finishes of Brandi Sherwood in 1997 and Kim Layne in 2020. Representing the state, Dorothy Johnson and Melissa Weber finished in the Top 15 in 1964 and 2009, respectively, while Kimberly Weible finished in the Top 10 in 2004.


Jordana Dahmen was 26 years old when she was crowned Miss Idaho USA 2022 in Post Falls on September 12, 2021. The respective first, second, third and fourth runners-up were Hannah Menzner, Sierra Norman, Alexis Ashley and Jackie Andreason.

There are 16 women competing for the Miss Idaho USA 2023 title. If facial beauty is the only criterion, these will be my Top 8 candidates:


#8. Brittani Roe (Boise)


#7. Sierra Norman (Latah County)


#6. Amanda Kelly (West Boise)


#5. Hannah Menzner (Capital City)


#4. Samantha Townsend (Canyon County)


#3. Kaitlyn “Kit” Widmyer (Twin Lakes)


#2. Jackie Andreason (Treasure Valley)


#1. Keylee Croteau (Tri-Counties)

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