Auckland, New Zealand family finds human remains in suitcases; Woman arrested in Ulsan, South Korea


A family from Manurewa, South Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand found on August 11, 2022 human body parts in several items they bought in an online auction from a storage facility. After receiving a report from the family, the New Zealand Police immediately launched a homicide investigation.

The remains belonged to two children, aged around 5 and 10. They may have been dead for 3 or 4 years, according to the New Zealand Police.


Under the extradition treaty between New Zealand and South Korea, the New Zealand Police made a request for an arrest warrant for a woman, 42, believed to be the mother of the two children. Her name has yet to be released.

Born in South Korea, the woman acquired New Zealand citizenship when she was young. She lived in New Zealand but moved back to South Korea in 2018.

On September 15, 2022, the woman was arrested in Ulsan, South Korea. The New Zealand Police have applied to have her extradited back to New Zealand to face the charges.


Ulsan is the eighth largest city in South Korea. The city is home to the world’s largest shipyard, which is operated by Hyundai Heavy Industries, and the world’s largest automobile assembly plant, which is operated by the Hyundai Motor Company.

Actresses Kim Tae Hee, 42, Oh Yoon Ah, 41, and Han So Hee, 27, were born in Ulsan. In 1987, the city and Portland, Oregon, United States became sister cities.

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