Colts Division and Juniors Rugby Festival to be held at Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub in Imus, Cavite, at Cebu City Sports Complex


The Colts Division and Juniors Rugby Festival of the 2022 Globe 7s Series will be held on September 17, 2022 at the Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub in Imus, Cavite, Philippines for Luzon and the Cebu City Sports Complex in Cebu City, Philippines for Visayas. A friendly touch rugby tournament will also commence simultaneously in Luzon.

With their senior players manning the field in in the first and second leg of the 2022 Globe 7s Series – Luzon, the Albay Bulkans and La Liga’s Colts teams are set to compete in the festival alongside the Bulacan Bombers. Although only three teams are playing for this division, it will still be a fun-filled weekend as the SKF Makati Mavericks will also bring their talented U11, U13, and U17 boys to join the Juniors Touch Festival.


For the U11s and U13s category, the Mavericks will be facing the Bombers and La Liga. For the U17s group, only two teams will be participating – the Mavericks and the Bombers.

Players in the Colts division and the U11/U13 Touch Rugby category will play two to three games each, while the two teams in the U17 category will play against each other in four matches. The awarding ceremony will follow at 1:30 p.m.


While the Colts and Juniors division play in field 1, select players who participated in the rugby clinics facilitated by Grassroots to Global (G2G) leaders will also have their friendly matches in field 2. A total of eight teams will be playing in the G2G Festival, including two teams from the Mavericks and one team each from the Nomads Rogues, the Bulacan Bombers, the Clark Jets, La Liga, Eagles RFC and Albay Bulkans. 

In the Visayas competition, the SOS kids and the Mixed Cebu kids will participate in the U12 Touch Rugby category. SOS, Cebu Alaska Mambaling and Cebu Mango will play in the U15 category. In addition, the SOS North Wing, SOS South Wing, Alaska, Lilo-An, Guadalupe, and Naga teams will play in the u19 Touch Rugby category.

Colts, Women’s and Open men’s divisions will also be played on the day as part of the 2022 Globe 7s Series – Visayas. Games will kick off at 10:00 a.m.

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