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Tudor Chirila Jr. biography: 13 things about Reno, Nevada attorney


Tudor Chirila Jr. is an attorney from Reno, Washoe County, Nevada, United States who previously lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. He is 5’11” tall and his registered weight is 185 pounds.

Chirila was 8 years older than Nancy Anderson, a native of Bay City, Bay County, Michigan, USA. Here are 13 more things about him:

Tudor Chirila Jr. (©Washoe County Sheriffs Office)
Tudor Chirila Jr. (©Washoe County Sheriffs Office)
  1. On March 11, 1971, he reported his car stolen from the parking lot of the Kawailoa School for Girls in Kailua, Hawaii. On March 15, 1971, the car was recovered. At the time, both he and his then wife Marilee Rocco Chirila, the car’s legal owner, were residents of Honolulu and he was a graduate assistant at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in Honolulu. In October 1971, Anderson moved to a seventh-floor apartment in Waikiki, Honolulu, which is near the university.
  2. On January 7, 1972, he allegedly fatally stabbed Anderson 63 times inside her apartment in Waikiki. Authorities failed to identify a suspect and the case went cold. Meanwhile, he left Hawaii and earned his law degree from the Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, USA.
  3. On September 25, 1978, he was admitted to practice law in Nevada. He was listed as Nevada’s chief deputy attorney general in a Nevada Supreme Court case in 1980 and a deputy attorney general in another case in 1981. Marilee gave birth to their children Jennifer Hope Chirila in 1979, Stephanie Faith Chirila in 1980 and John Peter Chirila in 1982.
  4. He was listed as a senior assistant to the Reno City Attorney in Nevada Supreme Court cases in 1986 and in 1987.
  5. In 1994, he ran for the Nevada Supreme Court but lost.
  6. In 1998, he filed suit against Nevada brothel boss Joe Conforte seeking $14 million in damages. In a federal indictment that year, U.S. prosecutors in Reno identified him as the former president of A.G.E. Corp., a company that served as a front for Conforte. When he testified as a government witness, he acknowledged he knew the corporation was owned and controlled by Conforte, who was believed to be a fugitive in South America when the case went to trial in 1999.
  7. In 2020, the Honolulu Police Department enlisted Parabon Nano Labs, a company based in Virginia, USA, to assist with a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) comparison to identify Anderson’s killer. In December 2021, investigators received a tip that he could be a suspect.
  8. In April 2022, the Newport Beach Police Department obtained a DNA sample from his son John, who is based in Newport Beach, California. The sample identified John as the biological child of the person whose DNA was found at the crime scene where Anderson was murdered.
  9. On September 6, 2022, the Reno Police Department executed a search warrant and collected a DNA sample directly from him at his apartment in Reno.
  10. On September 8, 2022, he survived after attempting to commit suicide.
  11. On September 12, 2022, the Honolulu Police Department confirmed him as the person who fatally stabbed Anderson via DNA that was found on a towel in her bedroom.
  12. On September 14, 2022, Reno Police Department officers arrested him in Reno.
  13. He was 77 years old when he was arrested on September 14, 2022. On September 15, 2022, he was booked into the Washoe County Jail in Reno. He was held without bail and charged with being a fugitive from another state and second-degree murder.

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