Las Vegas, Nevada’s Ishmil Swafford shot Yetundi Maples in front of her son? Boy asks help from neighbor

Yetundi Yvonne Negrita Maples of Las Vegas, Vegas, United States has died. She was 46.

Maples gave birth to her son in 2016. They lived in Las Vegas with her boyfriend Ishmil Swafford, 43.


On the evening of October 26, 2022, Swafford and Maples were at a convenience store. He was involved in a physical altercation with the clerk.

During the altercation, Swafford was hit by a bat. He and Maples left the store on a motorcycle.

That evening, neighbors heard arguing and loud bangs coming from Swafford and Maples’ house. He later left after shooting her because she got angry, according to her son.


At around 1:00 a.m. on October 27, 2022, Maples’ son went to the house of their neighbor Alejandra Verduzco to report that his mother had been shot. The boy was barefoot, crying and shaking.

Verduzco told another neighbor before they called 911 at around 1:21 a.m. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers who responded found Maples unresponsive inside her residence.

Maples had a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

On October 28, 2022, Swafford was arrested, booked into the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, charged with open murder with a deadly weapon and not granted bail. He will appear in court on November 29, 2022.

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