Steven Blesi biography: 13 things about Kennesaw State University student

Steven Blesi II was a student of Kennesaw State University in Georgia, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He was born in Marietta, Georgia.
  2. He is Steven “Steve” Blesi and Maria Blesi‘s son.
  3. He was an Eagle Scout.
  4. He loved basketball.
  5. He had several pets including a gecko, turtles and hermit crabs.
  6. He aspired to be multilingual and work in East Asia. He studied Spanish and Korean.
  7. He has one brother named Joey Blesi, who was 1 older than him.
  8. In August 2020, he entered Kennesaw State University’s Michael J. Coles College of Business in Kennesaw, Georgia to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international business.
  9. In September 2020, he started working at Publix Super Markets in Marietta as a part-time retail clerk.
  10. In August 2022, his parents took him to the airport in Atlanta, Georgia for his trip to Seoul, South Korea. He and 10 other Kennesaw State University students were part of a study abroad program. While attending Hanyang University in Seoul, he kept in touch with his family through WhatsApp.
  11. On October 29, 2022, he and other students from the U.S. including Anne Gieske went for a hike on Mount Hallasan in Jeju Island, South Korea. In the evening, he and Gieske were among the around 100,000 partygoers who went to Itaewon, Seoul. He, Gieske and at least 152 others were killed in a crowd crush.
  12. He died at the age of 20.
  13. He was supposed to graduate from the Michael J. Coles College of Business in May 2024.

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