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Victor Heiar biography: 13 things about Kechi, Kansas man

Victor Jonmichael Heiar is a resident of Kansas, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He lives in Kechi, Sedgwick County, Kansas.
  2. Aside from Kechi, he has lived in other parts of Kansas including Park City and Wichita.
  3. He previously lived in Houston, Texas, USA.
  4. He is a drug recognition expert.
  5. He is 2 years older than Leilani Feist.
  6. From 2011 to 2016, he worked with the Sedgwick County Jail in Wichita.
  7. In June 2015, he and Feist got married at Wichita Boathouse in Wichita. At the time, she was a customer service representative while he was a detention deputy.
  8. In January 2017, he joined the Clearwater Police Department in Clearwater, Sedgwick County. He later moved to the Kechi Police Department in Kechi.
  9. On April 18, 2021, while working for the Kechi Police Department as a master patrol officer, he and officer Thomas Oldenettel were dispatched to assist another agency with a report of an unresponsive individual. After identifying that the individual was overdosing, he administered a dosage of NARCAN to the individual, who then became responsive. 
  10. On January 24, 2022, Kechi mayor Ashley Velazquez recognized him for his promotion to sergeant with the Kechi Police Department. He later became a lieutenant.
  11. In March 2022, Kechi Police Department lieutenant Joseph Trumbull nominated him for the 2022 Axon Rise Officer Award. He was not included in the list of winners, which was revealed in May 2022.
  12. While he was a Kechi Police Department lieutenant, he allegedly used his position within the police department to unlawfully access Wichita Police Department‘s flock license plate reader technology to monitor his estranged wife’s location. On October 26, 2022, Wichita Police Department officers arrested him.
  13. He was 31 years old when he was arrested on October 26, 2022. He was booked into the Sedgwick County Jail and charged with stalking and unlawful acts concerning computers. After the arrest, he was removed from the Kechi Police Department,

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