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Steven Paul Criss biography: 10 things about Aloha, Oregon man

Steven Paul Criss is a white man from Aloha, Washington County, Oregon, United States. Here are 10 more things about him:

  1. Aside from Aloha, he has lived in other parts of Oregon including Beaverton.
  2. He previously lived in Woodland, Washington, USA.
  3. He was 1 year older than Donald Bartron. They worked together at a restaurant.
  4. On October 3, 1974, he allegedly fatally shot Bartron, 16, and Peter Zito, Jr., 18, in Beaverton, Washington County. Zito and Bartron had gunshot wounds from a .22 caliber gun. That day, Joseph Amir Wilson, then 18, of Aloha was named the suspect. Charges against Wilson were dropped in January 1975 and Wilson died in 2000.
  5. In December 1974, he was arrested for theft. A deputy found an illegally concealed .22 caliber handgun in his car, which was tested to see if it matched evidence in the fatal shooting of Zito and Bartron. There was no match so the gun was returned to him.
  6. He joined the U.S. Army. In 1976, he was assigned to Fort Lewis in Washington. On October 8, 1976, he allegedly used his .22 caliber gun to fatally shoot Sergeant Jacob “Kim” Brown, a commanding officer. He owed Brown a few hundred dollars. After pleading guilty, he was sentenced to 35 years in a military prison in Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, USA but he only served 12 years.
  7. In 1988, he was paroled and released from prison. He moved back to Aloha.
  8. On November 2, 2022, he was arrested for the murders of Zito and Bartron and indicted on two counts of second-degree murder.
  9. He was 65 years old when he was arrested on November 2, 2022. He was booked into the Washington County Jail in Hillsboro, Oregon.
  10. On November 3, 2022, he was arraigned on two counts of second-degree murder and was held on no bail.

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