McDonough, Georgia’s Quincy Tyler Walker accused of shooting Erik McKenzie, Ronald Folkes in Decatur

Erik Maurice McKenzie of Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia, United States has died. He was 30.

McKenzie worked as a security guard at the Cosmopolitan Premier Lounge in Decatur. On October 25, 2022, he and his fellow security guard Ronald Folkes tried to break up a fight between Quincy Tyler Walker, 26, of McDonough, Henry County, Georgia and other individuals.

Walker allegedly fatally shot McKenzie. Folkes was wounded but recovered after being hospitalized.


On November 20, 2022, officers from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office‘s fugitive unit and the Brookhaven Police Department arrested Walker at a restaurant on Buford Highway in Brookhaven, DeKalb County. He was booked into the DeKalb County Jail in Decatur.

The McDonough man is being held without bond. He was charged with felony murder and two counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon.


McDonough is the country seat of Henry County. The city was named for Thomas Macdonough, Jr., a naval officer noted for his roles in the first Barbary War and the War of 1812.

Football player Tre McBride, 29, and baseball player Travis Bergen, 29, were both born in McDonough. Scenes for the 1989 film “Glory” were filmed in the city.

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