Red Deer, Canada’s Jett Grande enjoys Costa Rica after surgery, 6 professional MMA fights

Jett “Fighter” Grande, 24, of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada is currently enjoying his vacation in Costa Rica with his family. He is looking forward to being allowed to fight again in 2023.

In 2021, Grande made his professional mixed martial arts debut. He won two of his three fights that year while the other one ended in a draw.


In 2022, Grande had three professional MMA bouts again. This year, he had two wins, became the lightweight champion of Flogger Series in Islamabad, Pakistan and had his first professional MMA loss in Unified MMA.

Grande’s most recent bout was on September 23, 2022 at “Unified MMA 46” in Enoch, Alberta where he lost via unanimous decision to Alexander O’Neil, 30, of Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. The Red Deer resident tore his pectoral muscle and underwent surgery on December 8, 2022.

After the surgery, Grande went to Costa Rica. In my recent interview with him, he talked about his vacation:


CONAN ALTATIS: What is the highlight of your 2022?

JETT GRANDE: Every fight I had in 2022 was very important to me and for my growth in the sport and my career. Being signed with such a great organization such as Unified MMA was definitely a highlight. I also would have to say that having the opportunity to be the main event and get to have my first international title fight for Floggers in Pakistan was a highlight.


CA: You had your first professional MMA loss this year. How did that affect you?

JG: For me, win, lose or draw, at the end of the day, it is important to learn life lessons and gain valuable experience for your future. Although no one likes to lose it is how you handle your loss that is important. I believe win or lose every fight will make you stronger. Adversity is a big part of this sport and makes you a tougher human.


CA: You vacationed in Costa Rica after a surgery. What’s your favorite part of the vacation?

JG: After having 6 pro fights in a year and being in constant fight camp, I have to admit I was getting tired and I needed a mental break as well as a physical break. This holiday to Costa Rica was so needed. I am so happy to get to spend time with my family and visit such a great country like Costa Rica. Just being able to lie on the beautiful beaches and explore the jungle and rainforests have been unbelievable.


CA: Will you be back in Unified MMA as soon as you’re ready to fight or will you fight in another promotion?

JG: I’m recovering after surgery right now but I plan to be back fighting in Unified MMA as soon as I am cleared to fight.


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