Denver, Colorado’s Jordan Douglas Krah charged with hate crime, free on bail

Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, of Denver, Colorado, United States allegedly threatened to spit on a Korean man named Elliot Ha at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon, California, USA on December 24, 2022. Ha and his friend Arine Kim were eating inside the restaurant when they were approached by Krah, who proceeded to make racist and homophonic comments.

On December 25, 2022, Krah allegedly spat at Abigail Halili as she and her siblings were in the parking lot of the Lunardi’s Market in Danville, Contra Costa County, California. The siblings are of Filipino descent. 


On December 25, 2022, San Ramon Police Department officers arrested Krah and booked him into the Martinez Detention Facility in Martinez, California. Contra Costa County prosecutors charged him with a hate crime for alleging making racist and homophobic remarks while threatening Ha.

The prosecutors also charged Krah with battery for allegedly spitting at Halili. According to the prosecutors, he is also facing separate charges in Denver for vehicular assault.


After posting bond, Krah was released from the Martinez Detention Facility. He is expected to be extradited back to Denver and he could face a 18 months in county jail.

Krah has family in Alamo, California, where he previously lived. He has also lived in other parts of California including Walnut Creek, San Ramon and Goleta.

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