Did Pembroke Pines, Florida’s Jahkobi Williams shoot Fort Lauderdale preschool teacher Ana Estevez on Interstate 95?

Ana Estevez of Florida, United States has died. She was 23.

Estevez was a preschool teacher at the Nurtury Montessori School in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida. She was also a student at Florida Atlantic University in Fort Lauderdale while caring for both her mother and grandmother.


At around 9:00 p.m. on November 27, 2022, Jahkobi Williams, 21, of Pembroke Pines, Broward County was driving a white BMW i8 when he allegedly sideswiped a Nissan Sentra on Interstate 95 near Atlantic Boulevard and Sample Road in Broward County. The Nissan Sentra was occupied by Estevez and her boyfriend, who were returning home from a Thanksgiving trip in North Carolina, USA.

Before being able to pull over, Williams allegedly opened fire, hitting both Estevez and her boyfriend. A child in another car was also shot but survived.

Fire Rescue personnel took Estevez to Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale. She died while being treated.


On the evening of December 29, 2022, Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Williams at his home in Pembroke Pines. He was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

On December 30, 2022, Williams appeared in court. A judge issued that he be held without bond.

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  1. I never understood why Florida charged a fee for those who legally carry considering so many carry illegally and if caught nothing happens to them unless of course they commit a crime .

    Florida needs a Governor which pushes for mandatory time for anyone who carries illegally but that will not happen with DeSantis .


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