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Professional Fighters League’s 5 most beautiful fighters in 2022

The Professional Fighters League is the first major mixed martial arts organization in which individual athletes compete in a regular season, post-season and championship rather than on a year-round basis. Founded by Donn Davis in 2017, the league was launched in 2018.

Peter Murray is the chief executive officer of the PFL. Ray Sefo is the president of the league.


Among the 10 PFL events held in 2022, eight took place in the United States. The other two were held in Cardiff, Wales and in London, England.

Currently, the PFL puts on fights across six weight divisions namely featherweight, women’s lightweight, lightweight, welterweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. Here are the 10 most handsome MMA fighter who competed in the league at least once in 2022:


#5. Larissa Pacheco, 28, Brazil

Larissa Pacheco (©Cooper Neill / PFL)
Larissa Pacheco (©Cooper Neill / PFL)

#4. Aspen Ladd, 27, United States


#3. Marina Mokhnatkina, 34, Russia


#2. Vanessa Melo, 34, Brazil


#1. Genah Fabian, 33, New Zealand

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