Brownsville, Tennessee’s Britney Watson missing; Kevin Watson named suspect

Britney Anderson Watson, 34, of Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee, United States is a mother of two. She is the former wife of Kevin Watson, 44, of Whiteville, Hardeman County, Tennessee.

In 2018, Britney and Kevin divorced. Recently, they were experiencing some domestic issues while they trying to get back together.

Britney is 5’9″ tall and she weighs 125 pounds. She is Jeanann Beasley‘s daughter.


At around noon on January 7, 2023, Britney was wearing jeans and a gray hoodie while at a motel on Interstate 40 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. That was the last time she was seen.

On January 14, 2023, Britney was reported missing. On January 15, 2023, Haywood County sheriff Billy Garrett Jr. announced that authorities found Kevin’s truck abandoned with a flat tire in a wooded area of Big Eddy lake north of Brownsville.


According to Garrett, authorities have reason to believe Britney is deceased. He also said they have evidence that indicates Kevin may be armed and suicidal.

Both Kevin and Britney are still missing. He became a suspect in her disappearance after Haywood County Sheriff’s Office investigators received information that she could be a homicide victim.

Anyone with any information about Britney Anderson Watson and Kevin Watson’s whereabouts is asked to call Haywood County Sheriff’s Office at 731-772-6158 or dispatch at 731-772-1215.

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