Ricardo Bristotti: Embraco’s VESH pushes energy savings’ limits

Ricardo Bristotti is the vice president for the Home Appliances Business Segment at Nidec Global Appliance, a platform of Nidec Corporation. He recently talked about the VESH variable speed compressor of Embraco, which is part of Nidec Global Appliance.

Since 1971, Embraco has been providing refrigeration technology for the complete residential and commercial cold chain. Its VESH variable speed compressor is a new generation of the VES series.

Ricardo Bristotti
Ricardo Bristotti

Recently, Embraco started mass production of the VESH variable speed compressor. It is an upgrade of the brand’s premium portfolio of highly energy efficient products for residential applications from refrigerators to freezers.

The VESH can achieve up to 50% energy savings if compared to a traditional standard fixed speed compressor and around 30% if compared with already more energy efficient fixed speed models. The compressor is dual voltage (110V and 220V) and it achieves a maximum displacement of 11 cc and 270 W of cooling capacity.

In addition to residential applications, the VESH will also be suitable for some types of commercial refrigeration equipment. Bristotti explained, “VESH pushes the limits of energy savings in response to a market context in which this topic has become one of the main priorities for refrigeration appliances manufacturers and homeowners due to high energy prices, especially in Europe where they are skyrocketing.”


Variable speed technology allows the VESH to adjust its running speed according to the demanded temperature. It also helps to improve food preservation, another feature valued by homeowners, and it works with the natural refrigerant R600a, which has global warming potential (GWP) close to zero and no impact on the ozone layer.

The energy efficiency combined with the use of R600a is a significant contribution in terms of COequivalent emissions reduction, therefore, resulting in a more environmentally sustainable appliance to the final consumer.”

VESH is strategically produced in Nidec Global Appliance’s plants in Austria and China. Bristotti shared, “Our concern is to offer a better set of services to our local customers while reducing environmental footprints on transportation and avoiding disruptions caused by long logistics chains.”

“The main target markets for this product are Japan and Europe, where the regulations regarding energy efficiency and noise are very strict,” Bristotti continued. “The market acceptance and understanding of the VESH features and benefits has surpassed our expectations so far, showing that the world is on a path toward sustainability that has no coming back.”

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