Marietta, Georgia bus driver Gogineni Rayudu charged with burglary, loitering

Gogineni Nagabhushana Rayudu, 55, of Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia, United States is a bus driver with the Cobb County School District. He previously lived in San Jose, California, USA, in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA and Fallon, Illinois, USA.

On February 20, 2023, Rayudu allegedly entered the house of a female student, 10, in Marietta unannounced through an unlocked door and closed it behind him. The girl attends Powers Ferry Elementary School in Marietta.


Wearing gloves, Rayudu was confronted by the girl’s mother Cassioppia Cea, 42, who was with her boyfriend. The bus driver told the mother that he was looking for her and her daughter.

Cea pointed out that schools were closed for winter break. She told WSBTV, “I just started grilling him with questions and as soon as I did, he took off.”


After the incident, Cea and her boyfriend filed a police report. On February 22, 2023, Rayudu was arrested and booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center in Marietta.

Rayudu was charged with burglary and loitering. His bond was set at $20,000.

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