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List of Mister France titleholders

Mister France is a French national male beauty pageant created by Michel Leparmentier in 1993. In 2001, he sold it to Rachel Quesney.

In 2011, Quesney sold Mister France to the publishing company Hugo et Cie. In 2015, Sophie Charlotte Orlowska became the competition’s president.

In 2017, Hugo et Cie sold Mister France to Hightop Studio, which then sold it in 2019 to François Deixonne. Here is the complete list of men who held the title:



Name, Age During Coronation, Hometown
1st1993Arnaud Van Pul, 22, Paris  
2nd1998Rodolphe Parmentier, 27, Abbeville
3rd2001Francis Gillain, 23, Paris
4th2002Peter Viens, 22, Champagne-Ardenne
5th2003Frédéric Deltour, 21, Île-de-France
6th2005Stephan Excoffier, 28, Rhône-Alpes
7th2006William Bege, 25, Réunion
8th2007Yoann Cretet, 28, Franche-Comté
9th2008David Meitai, 23, Tahiti
10th2010Anthony Garcia, 23, Côte d’Azur
11th2011Jonathan Duforestel, 25, Picardie
12th2015Aurélien Giorgino, 25, Pays de la Loire
13th2016Selim Arik, 22, Centre Val de Loire
14th2017Eloy Pechier, 19, Île-de-France
15th2020Thomas Cornelus, 28, Occitanie
16th2021Bilal Malek, 25, Normandie
17th2022Lenny Tabourel, 23, Marseille

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