Maui, Hawaii’s Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi, Levi Aki Jr. sentenced in federal court

Both Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi, 33, and Levi Aki Jr., 33, are from Kahakuloa, Maui, Hawaii, United States. It is a remote fishing village on the north side of the island.

On February 13, 2014, Christopher Wayne “Chris” Kunzelman, then 43, was unpacking his belongings with his elderly uncle at his bungalow in Kahakuloa when Alo-Kaonohi and Aki stormed onto the property. It was the first time Kunzelman and his uncle met Alo-Kaonohi and Aki.

Originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Kunzelman bought the bungalow for $175,000 after his wife Lori Diane Kunzelman, then 43, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to retire. They planned to moved there with their three daughters and that was their first day in the residence.


Alo-Kaonohi and Aki demanded that Chris pack his things and leave and threatened to tie him up, drag him and make him go missing if he did not comply. When Chris said he owned the bungalow, Alo-Kaonohi dragged his index finger along Chris’s jaw and told him, “Your skin is the wrong f—–g color.”

Aki picked up a roofing shovel and handed it to Alo-Kaonohi, who struck Chris in the head with it. The attackers left but returned after the victim had already begun packing up his possessions.

After head butting Chris, Aki struck the victim in the face with the shovel again. The victim lost consciousness.

When Chris regained consciousness, Alo-Kaonohi and Aki were kicking him in the side. One of the attackers told the victim, “No white man is ever going to live here.”


Because of the attack, which was caught on camera, Chris, Lori and their children moved to Puerto Rico instead. They have yet to sell their bungalow in Kahakuloa.

On November 17, 2022, Alo-Kaonohi and Aki were found guilty of a hate crime and U.S. District Judge J. Michael Seabright ordered the two jailed. On March 2, 2023, the judge sentenced Alo-Kaonohi to 78 months in prison and Aki to 50 months in prison.

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