Why McLoud, Oklahoma’s Serena Cator sent photos of herself to high school students

Serena Faith Merrill Cator, 43, of McLoud, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, United States used to work at McLoud High School as a home economics teacher. She has a daughter.

In September 2022, the McLoud Public Schools was notified of a possible incident involving Cator. She allegedly sent nude photos of herself to 10 boys attending the school and asked for some in return from them.


When school administrators interviewed Cator, she admitted to having inappropriate conversations with male students. In an attempt to excuse her actions, she claimed that she had an alcohol problem, she suffered from mental illness issues and she could not separate dreams from reality.

Cator gave the administrators a list of her 10 victims. The youngest is 14 and the oldest is 18.


While employed by the McCloud Public Schools, Cator groomed her victims by sending them messages on social media sites, adding them on Snapchat and befriending their parents. According to her, two of the victims were in a relationship with her daughter at one point.

The McLoud Public Schools sent its findings to the McLoud Police Department, which began its own investigation in November 2022. On December 20, 2022, the school district fired Cator.

On March 16, 2023, Cator was arrested, booked into Pottawatomie County Detention Center in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County and charged with three counts of engaging in sexual communications with a minor by use of technology. She has been bailed out for $15,000.

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