Hialeah, Florida’s Luther Campbell Jr. arrested in Miami Beach, Florida

Luther Roderick Campbell Jr., 27, of Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States is accused of approaching two women near the Big Pink restaurant on South Beach in Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County while holding a knife in his right hand on March 27, 2023. He allegedly repeatedly asked them, “What did you say?! What did you say?!” 

When Miami Beach Police Department officers caught up with Campbell, he tried to run off but he was immediately arrested. The officers found a knife in his right pocket.


During bond court that day, Campbell said he could not afford a private attorney. He is currently on probation for an older case.

Campbell was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting without violence. The judge issued $6,000 bond for both charges and ordered the Hialeah man to stay away 500 feet from the victims’ workplace or school at all times.

On March 29, 2023, Campbell appeared before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy S. Glazer. He was booked into the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department in Miami, Miami-Dade County.


This is not the first time Campbell was arrested. On November 24, 2018, he was arrested in Miami Beach and charged with driving with a suspended license, possession of a suspected controlled substance and grand theft.

Campbell’s father Luther Roderick Campbell Sr., 62, is a rapper professionally known as Uncle Luke. In 1979, Uncle Luke graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School on Prairie Avenue in Miami Beach.

Uncle Luke was the leader of 2 Live Crew, a hip ho group from Miami. He was born in Miami to a Jamaican father and a Bahamian mother.

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