Boris Klaiman arrested in Athens, Greece; Volos cuts ties with Israeli footballer

Boris Klaiman, 32, is a former goalkeeper of the national football team of Israel. Born in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, he was 10 months old when he and his family moved to Israel.

In 2018, Klaiman joined Enosis Neon Paralimni Football Club of Paralimini, Famagusta District, Cyprus. In 2020, he joined the Volos Football Club, which is based in Volos, Magnesia, Greece.

Volos was founded on June 2, 2017. It currently competes in the Super League, the first tier of football in Greece.


Recently, a teen tourist from Belgium filed a complaint against Klaiman in Athens, Greece. Four other Belgian tourists got into a fight against the Volos player, who was accused of sexually harassing the teen tourist.

On April 11, 2023, Klaiman and five others were detained at a nightclub in Athens. He was found in possession of 1.5 grams of heroin when he was arrested.


Later that day, Volos president Achillea Beu announced that the football team was cutting ties with Klaiman. The Israeli footballer asked the team to provide him with an attorney but Beu refused to do so.

Volos has zero tolerance for the allegations against Klaiman, Beu stated. The footballer has yet to release a statement about the allegations.

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