Odessa, Texas’s David Amado Gonzales arrested after child passes note to bus driver


David Amado Gonzales, 38, of Odessa, Ector County, Texas, United States arrived home intoxicated at around 1:00 a.m. on May 9, 2023. He allegedly pulled his girlfriend’s hair, repeatedly punched her, held a switchblade to her neck and left a cut behind her ear.

Later that morning, the girlfriend’s young daughter passed a note to her bus driver asking for help. The note, which included the girl’s address in Odessa, asked the driver to call 911.


The bus driver notified the Odessa Police Department of the note handed by the girl. When officers arrived at the address, they found Gonzales and the girl’s mother sitting on the porch.

As the officers approached, Gonzales and his girlfriend walked inside their home. The couple opened the door after several minutes.


The woman told the officers how she was assaulted by Gonzales. There were cuts and bruises across her face and head that were consistent with that type of assault, the officers confirmed.

Gonzales was arrested and booked into the Ector County Law Enforcement Center in Odessa. He was charged with aggravated assault. 

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