Newark, California’s Tracy Robert Blackwell jailed in Dublin; Bail set at $80K


Tracy Robert Blackwell, 61, of Newark, Alameda County, California, United States is a registered sex offender. He had a criminal history of drug use and burglary. 

Aside from Newark, Blackwell has lived in other parts of California including Alameda, Fremont, Livermore and San Leandro. He was employed as a furniture repairman contracting his services to department stores when he was arrested in December 2000.


Prior to the arrest, Blackwell allegedly stalked a woman, then 19, and made obscene phone calls to her house. While investigating the allegations, police officer discovered videotapes depicting child sexual abuse in his possession.

In 2001, Blackwell was convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14. In 2009, he was released from jail.


At around 4:00 p.m. on May 16, 2023, Blackwell was driving a white Jeep Wrangler along southbound Interstate 880 near the Hegenberger Road exit in Oakland, Alameda County when he was caught on camera flipping his middle finger and yelling the N-word and the F-word at another driver multiple times. After trying to ram his car into the other motorist’s car, the Newark resident lost control of his own vehicle and crashed into a wall on the right shoulder.

A video of the road rage incident went viral on social media. At around 12:00 p.m. on May 19, 2023, Blackwell was arrested in Newark, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Blackwell was booked into the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, Alameda County. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with hate crime enhancements.

Bail for Blackwell was set at $80,000. He will be arraigned on May 23, 2023.

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