Miss South Africa 1959 results: Penelope Coelen crowns Moya Meaker


South African Pictorial held Miss South Africa in 1923, which was won by Doris Gwendoline Heliwell with W. J. van Blommestein and Marjorie Elizabeth Cowley as the respective first and second princesses. In 1943, Susie Smuts became the second woman to hold the title.

However, it was Norma Vorster who won the first official Miss South Africa competition in 1956. It was open to white females only.

  • beauty pageant: Miss South Africa
  • edition: 4th
2nd princessKitty GreenDebbie du Toit
1st princessSophie PietersRosemary Whitlock
Miss South AfricaMoya Meaker
(Cape Province)
Penelope Anne Coelen
(Natal Province)


  • beauty pageant: Miss World
  • edition: 9th
  • venue: Lyceum Ballroom, London, England, United Kingdom
  • date: November 10, 1959
  • candidates: 37
Moya MeakerCape Province,
South Africa
18Miss World 1959
Top 11

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