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Henry Edwin Hale biography: 10 things about Cannon County, Tennessee native

Henry Edwin Hale was born in Cannon County, Tennessee, United States to William Nathan Hale and Lillie Turney Hale. Here are 10 more things about Henry:

  1. He was 2 years younger that his sister Willette Hale.
  2. He was 10 months older than his wife Audrey Christine Burnette Hale.
  3. In 1919, his younger sister Helen Inez Hale was born.
  4. On May 24, 1921, his mother died at age 30.
  5. On August 1, 1925, his father married Mary Pauline Cooley Hale in Warren County, Tennessee. She gave birth to his half-siblings Mary Ruth Hale in 1927, John William “Leroy” Hale in 1928, Hallie Hale in 1936, Fred Louis Hale in 1942 and Winfred Timothy “Tim” Hale in 1949.
  6. In 1950, Christine gave birth to their daughter Susan Hale.
  7. On December 5, 1952, his half-brother Fred died at age 10 in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia, USA.
  8. In 1955, Christine gave birth to their son Kenneth Samuel Hale.
  9. In 1958, Christine gave birth to their son Ronald E. Hale.
  10. On December 13, 1972, he died in the hospital in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee at age 57 after his battle against brain cancer.
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