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Erin Gilmour biography: 10 things about aspiring fashion designer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Erin Gilmour was a Canadian woman. Here are 10 more things about her:

  1. She is David Gilmour and Anna McCowan-Johnson‘s daughter.
  2. Her father is a businessman born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  3. Her mother and Donald K. Johnson have two sons namely Sean McCowan and Kaelin McCowan.
  4. An aspiring fashion designer, she studied fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto.
  5. She was 9 years older than Sean and 11 years older than Kaelin.
  6. Her father and Budapest, Hungary native Peter Munk co-founded stereo maker Clairtone in 1958 and bought property in Fiji and started the hotel chain Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation in 1969. Munk’s son Anthony Munk was her boyfriend.
  7. She lived with her mother and her brothers Sean and Kaelin but in 1981, she moved out and lived in an apartment in Yorkville, Toronto. She worked as a store manager at Robin’s Knits, a high-end boutique just below the apartment.
  8. On December 19, 1983, Sean and Kaelin slept over at in her apartment in Yorkville.
  9. On the morning of December 20, 1983, she drove Sean and Kaelin back to their mother’s house. Before 6:00 p.m., a co-worker left Robin’s Knits in Yorkville and gave the key to her to lock up the store at 9:00 p.m. Anthony was supposed to pick her up for a date at 9:00 p.m. but he was delayed by 20 minutes when he stopped to withdraw money at a bank. He later found her dead in her apartment in Yorkville. She had been sexually assaulted and fatally stabbed in her bed.
  10. She died at the age of 22. Authorities have yet to identify her murderer or murderers.
flag of Canada (February 15, 1965)

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