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Tony Crimo biography: 13 things about World War II veteran from Highland Park, Illinois


Anthony Crimo was a resident of Highland Park, Illinois, United States. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. He also went by the names Tony Crimo and Jock Crimo.
  2. Aside from Highland Park, he lived in other parts of Illinois including Chicago.
  3. Both of his parents Crimo “Sam” Crimo and Rose Crimo were born in Italy. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister.
  4. He is the grandfather of Uriah Crimo and Skyler Crimo and the great-grandfather of Dryden Crimo.
  5. He was 6 years older than his wife Margaret “Margo” Crimo. The have two children together.
  6. In 1926, his mother gave birth to his younger brother Samuel “Chubby” Crimo.
  7. In 1927, his mother gave birth to his younger sister Yolanda Crimo Whitehurst.
  8. In 1929, his mother gave birth to his younger brother Robert E. “Bob” Crimo Sr. Bob and his wife Christine M. “Chris”Caldarelli Crimo have three children namely Robert E. “Bob” Crimo Jr., Rosanne M. Crimo Wygodny and Paul A. Crimo.
  9. He served in the U.S. Army during the World War II, a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.
  10. In 1952, he and Margo got married.
  11. In 1953, Margo gave birth to their son Lawrence J. “Larry” Crimo.
  12. In 1954, Margo gave birth to their daughter Cheri A. Crimo.
  13. On February 20, 2005, he passed away. He died at the age of 82.

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