Miss Seychelles 2012 results: Sherlyn Ferneau crowned in Victoria, Mahe

  • beauty pageant: Miss Seychelles (Miss Seychelles Another World)
  • edition: 1st
  • date: June 2, 2012
  • venue: Le Meridien Barbarons, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
  • candidates: 11



  1. Christina Fondamière
  2. Diana Marie
  3. Isabel Lavigne
  4. Mathilda Chetty
  5. Natasha Robinson
  6. Petral Morel
  7. Shanice Hoareau
  8. Sherlyn Furneau
  9. Stephanie Ernesta
  10. Vanesa Adam
  11. Vicky Cupidon



  • Miss Photogenic: Natasha Robinson 
  • Best Evening Gown: Christina Fondamière
  • Miss Bonjour: Vanesa Adam


(Miss Seychelles Islands)
2nd princessNatasha RobinsonNathalie Domingue
1st princessShanice HoareauSophia Marie
Miss Seychelles
Miss World Seychelles
Sherlyn Ferneau
Elena Angione

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