Complete list of Miss Seychelles titleholders, runners-up, international competitions


The winner of Miss Seychelles represents Seychelles in Miss World, Miss Intercontinental or Miss International. Here is the list of all women who held the title along with their respective runners-up and international beauty pageant placements:

flag of Seychelles
flag of Seychelles

2020Shannen Henrie
1st princess
Elsia Françoise
2nd princess
Kelly-Mary Anette
Miss Seychelles National Pageant 2020
Miss Intercontinental 2021
3rd runner-up
2017Petra Tamatave
1st princess
Serah Jumaye
2nd princess
Hilary Joubert
Miss Seychelles Another World 2017
2016Lianne Barbé 
1st princess
Samira Albert
2nd princess
Christine Barbier
Miss Seychelles Another World 2016
2015Genevieve Rene 
1st princess
Petra Richard
2nd princess
Linne Freminot
Miss Seychelles Another World 2015
2014Lisa Rose 
1st princess
Marvel Godley
2nd princess
Camila Estico
Miss Seychelles Another World 2014
2013Isha Hoareau
1st princess
Lindy Barallon
2nd princess
Agnes Gerry
Miss Seychelles Another World 2013
2012Shanice Hoareau
1st princess
Natasha Robinson
2nd princess
Sherlyn Ferneau
Miss Seychelles Another World 2012
2008Sophia Marie
1st princess
Nathalie Domingue
2nd princess
Elena Antgione
Miss Seychelles Islands 2008
Miss World 2008
2007Solana Domingue
Miss Seychelles Islands 2007
Miss Intercontinental 2007
Top 16
2006Sheijnada Reinert
1st princess
Dorothy Monthy
2nd princess
Wendy Boniface
Miss Seychelles Islands 2006
Miss Intercontinental 2006
1999Anna-Mary Jorre de St. Jorre
Miss Seychelles 1999
1998Alvina Grandcourt
Miss Seychelles 1998
1997Michelle Lane
Miss Seychelles 1997
1996Christina Pillay
Miss Seychelles 1996
1995Shirley Low-Meng
Miss Seychelles 1995
1994Marquise David
Miss Seychelles 1994
1992Myrna Hoareau
Miss Seychelles 1993
1976Lynn Gobine
Miss Seychelles 1976
1975Amélie Michel
Miss Seychelles 1975
1973June Gonthier
Miss Seychelles 1973
1972Jane Stravens
Miss Seychelles 1972
1971Nadia Morel du Boil
Miss Seychelles 1971
1970Nicole Barallon
Miss Seychelles 1970
1969Sylvia Labonté
Miss Seychelles 1969
Miss World 1969
1968Elsie Savy
1st princess
Philomena Gendron
2nd princess
Marie France Lablache
Miss Seychelles 1968
Miss World 1968
(did not compete)

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