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Gus Zarelli biography: 13 things about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native

Augustus John “Gus” Zarelli was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States to Agostino Di Michele Zarelli and Jennie Giovannina Saraco Zarelli. Both Agostino and Jennie were born in Italy.

Aside from Philadelphia, Gus lived in other parts of Pennsylvania including West Chester and Broomall. He worked as a concrete-and-stone mason before having businesses that became a construction and real estate operation in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Gus has four siblings. Here are 13 more things about him:

  1. In 1952, he dated Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Abel Plunkett. In 1953, she gave birth to their son Joseph Augustus Zarelli, who died in 1957.
  2. In 1958, he and Cynthia C. Pashko Zarelli got married.
  3. In 1959, his son August Louis Zareli was born.
  4. In 1960, Cynthia gave birth to Michael Zarelli, who only lived for 5 hours, at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. In 1961, Cynthia gave birth to Baby Boy Zarelli, who only lived for one day.
  5. In 1962, his daughter Jeanette Farley- Zarelli was born.
  6. In 1963, his son Peter J. Zarrelli was born.
  7. In 1965, his daughter Cynthia Zarelli was born.
  8. On June 10, 1969, her mother died in Philadelphia at age 74. On August 3, 1970, his father died in Havertown, Pennsylvania at age 73.
  9. On July 19, 1982, his sister Palma Concetta Zarelli LaGamba died in Philadelphia at age of 63.
  10. On February 17, 1999, his sister Mary Zarelli Stuardi died in Springfield, Pennsylvania at age 74.
  11. On December 20, 2007, his brother Michael Louis Zarelli died at age 79.
  12. On May 16, 2011, his sister Catherine “Kay” Zarelli Mieczkoski died in West Chester at age 88.
  13. On June 14, 2014, he died in West Chester at age 87.

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