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Complete list of Miss Brazil 2014 candidates


Miss Universe Brazil 2013 Jakelyne Oliveira, 21, of Rondonopolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil will crown her successor at the Centro de Eventos do Ceará in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil on September 28, 2014. It will be the 60th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Brazil’s Miss Universe candidate.


Currently, Brazil has two Miss Universe crowns, which were won by Ieda Maria Vargas in 1963 and Martha Vasconcellos in 1968. Oliveira was Miss Universe 2013 fourth runner-up.

Representing Brazil’s one federal district and 26 states, there are 27 women competing for the Miss Brazil 2014 crown. Here are the candidates:

 AcreIasmyne Sampaio19
 AlagoasAline Karla Macêdo20
 AmapáPriscila Winny22
 AmazonasYtala Narjjara20
 BahiaAnne Lima20
 CearaMelissa Gurgel20
 Distrito FederalLuísa Lopes24
 Espirito SantoAmanda Recla20
 GoiasBeatrice Fontoura24
 MaranhãoLarissa Pires21
 Mato GrossoJéssica Rodrigues20
 Mato Grosso do SulÉrika Moura19
 Minas GeraisKaren Porfiro23
 ParaLarissa Oliveira19
 ParaíbaLarissa Muniz19
 ParanaNathaly Goolkate24
PernambucoRhayanne Nery19
 PiauíVerbiany Leal23
 Rio de JaneiroHosana Elliot21
Rio Grande do NorteDeise Benicio23
 Rio Grande do SulMarina Helms23
 RondôniaSinaira Machado Souza24
 RoraimaMarina Pasqualotto23
 Santa CatarinaLaura Lopes22
 São PauloFernanda Leme22
 SergipePriscilla Pinheiro21
 TocantinsWizelany Marques20

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