Miss Universe 2015 predictions: Ariana Miyamoto vs Pia Wurtzbach?

The 64th edition of Miss Universe will take place at the The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States on December 20, 2015. A total of 80 women are vying for the title as the successor of Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega, 23, of Colombia.

Based on the available videos, photos and information online, I and my colleague Erica Diaz Mendoza Lao scored the candidates separately then we combined our scores. Here are our predictions:

3rd crown for the Philippines?

by Jillianina Estevez

Representing the Philippines, Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran won Miss Universe in 1969 and in 1973. I predict that the Asian country will win its third crown this year. Here are my Top 10 candidates:

  1. Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)
  2. Mariana Jimenez (Venezuela)
  3. Marthina Brandt (Brazil)
  4. Ariadna Gutierrez (Colombia)
  5. Wendoly Esparza (Mexico)
  6. Ariana Miyamoto (Japan)
  7. Flora Coquerel (France)
  8. Amina Dagi (Austria)
  9. Monika Radulovic (Australia)
  10. Brenda Castro (Costa Rica)


3rd crown for Japan?

by Erica Diaz Mendoza Lao

Representing Japan, Akiko Kojima and Riyo Mori won Miss Universe crown in 1959 and in 2007, respectively. I believe the country will win its third one this year. Here are my Top 10 candidates:

  1. Ariana Miyamoto (Japan)
  2. Flora Coquerel (France)
  3. Sharlene Rädlein (Jamaica)
  4. Refilwe Mthimunye (South Africa)
  5. Aniporn Chalermburanawong (Thailand)
  6. Annelies Törös (Belgium)
  7. Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)
  8. Brenda Castro (Costa Rica)
  9. Monika Radulovic (Australia)
  10. Ariadna Gutierrez (Colombia)


CONAN Daily’s predicted Miss Universe 2015 winners

I and Erika combined our scores. We neither did a deliberation nor made adjustments. Based on our combined scores, we predict that these candidates will make it to the Top 10 but will not move to the Top 5:

  • Refilwe Mthimunye (South Africa)
  • Sharlene Rädlein (Jamaica)
  • Marthina Brandt (Brazil)
  • Mariana Jimenez (Venezuela)
  • Brenda Castro (Costa Rica)

We predict that these will be the winners:

Monika Radulovic (Australia)

predicted Miss Universe 2015 fourth runner-up


Ariadna Gutierrez (Colombia)

predicted Miss Universe 2015 third runner-up


Flora Coquerel (France)

predicted Miss Universe 2015 second runner-up


Pia Wurtzbach (Philippines)

predicted Miss Universe 2015 first runner-up


Ariana Miyamoto (Japan)

predicted Miss Universe 2015

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