Malkat HaYofi 2016 results: Maayan Keren crowns Karin Alia in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • beauty pageant: Malkat HaYofi (Miss Israel)
  • edition: 67th
  • date: June 6, 2016
  • candidates: 21
  • venue: Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • host: Titi Aynaw



  1. Alona Aliohin
  2. Amit Przepiorka
  3. Chen Blossom
  4. Chen Gltzmn
  5. Karin Alia
  6. Key Stfrid
  7. Maria Ivanov
  8. Mary Skldzik
  9. Naama Deutsch
  10. Naomi Fishob
  11. Noa Mordcobitz
  12. Ortal Haddad
  13. Paulina Trobin
  14. Rinat Jan
  15. Romi Nest
  16. Shay Berkovich
  17. Stephanie Hntis
  18. Tania KitinTzlil Rubin
  19. Yam Kaspers Anshel
  20. Yarin Segal
  21. Romy Levi


Top 4Naama Deutsch
Shay Berkovich
Victoria Khersonsky
Itay Barash
Na’arat Israel
(Miss Universe Israel)
Yam Kaspers Anshel
Avigail Alfatov
Malkat HaYofi
(Miss World Israel)
Karin Alia
(Kiryat Gat)
Maayan Keren

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