Miss Seychelles 2016 results: Linne Freminot crowns Christine Barbier in Victoria, Mahe

  • beauty pageant: Miss Seychelles (Miss Seychelles Another World)
  • edition: 5th
  • date: May 28, 2016
  • venue: International Conference Centre, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
  • candidates: 12
  • performers: Sandra, Telcy, Joseph Sinon, Angie, Antoinette Dodin



  1. Sophie Rosette
  2. Rita-Maria Durup
  3. Samiya Albert
  4. Christinne Barbier
  5. Samira Nicoire
  6. Lianne Barbé 



  1. Anais Nourrice
  2. Camilla Spivey
  3. Christine Barbier
  4. Hemma Hoffman
  5. Juanita Porice
  6. Kimberley Anacoura
  7. Lianne Barbe
  8. Rita-Maria Durup
  9. Ruth Bonte
  10. Samira Nicoire
  11. Samiya Albert
  12. Sophie Rosette



  • Miss Sport: Christine Barbier
  • Miss Talent: Christine Barbier
  • Miss Photogenic: Lianne Barbé 
  • Miss Personality: Christine Barbier
  • Best Evening Gown: Samira Albert
  • Best Project: Sophie Rosette
  • People’s Choice: Lianne Barbé 


2nd princessSamira Albert
(Pointe Larue)
Genevieve Rene 
1st princessLianne Barbé 
Petra Richard
Miss Seychelles
Miss World Seychelles
Christine Barbier
Linne Freminot

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