Bianca Rudolph biography: 13 things about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania woman


Bianca Teresa Finizio Rudolph was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:


  1. Aside from Pittsburgh, she lived in other parts of Pennsylvania including Greensburg.
  2. She lived in different parts of Arizona, USA including Paradise Valley and Maricopa. She also lived in Victor, Indiana, USA and in Miami, Florida, USA.
  3. As a Catholic, she was against cremation.
  4. Before meeting Lawrence Patrick Rudolph, she did not have hunting experience. She was in an undergraduate program at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh while he was in a dental school when they first met.
  5. She was 5 years younger than Lawrence. They have one son and one daughter together.
  6. In 1982, she and Lawrence got married and he started a dental practice. She worked in his dental office but after giving birth to their two children, she had less involvement in the practice. As active members of a prominent hunting organization, she and Lawrence often spent time traveling and hunting. After becoming a well-respected international hunter, she sometimes traveled and hunted without Lawrence present.
  7. She had several life and accidental death policies. The earliest one was purchased in 1987.
  8. In 2012, she and Lawrence moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona. His dental practices remained in Pennsylvania.
  9. In 2016, she and Lawrence traveled to Zambia multiple times.
  10. The beneficiary of each of her life and accidental death policies was a revocable trust she and Lawrence established on April 25, 2016.
  11. When she and Lawrence went to Zambia on September 27, 2016, they took with them a Remington .375 Rifle and a Browning 12-gauge shotgun and her goal was to kill a leopard. During the trip, she was not able to kill a leopard but she killed many other animals. They intended to return to the U.S. on October 12, 2016.
  12. At around 5:30 a.m. on October 11, 2016, she was fatally shot in the chest with their Browning 12-gauge shotgun. They were packing to leave their hunting camp in Kafue National Park in Zambia at the time, according to Lawrence.
  13. She died at the age of 56. A Zambian forensic pathologist identified the cause of her death as hemorrhagic shock, macerated left side of heart and perforated lung and gunshot injury. Lawrence had her cremated in Zambia. He did not inform their children about her death until October 17, 2016.

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