Top 10 Lee Min Ho girlfriends on screen

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K-pop superstar Lee Min Ho is one of the favorite leading men in South Korean films, TV shows and web series. Here are 10 of the characters who captured the hearts of the characters played by the actor:

10. Min Soo Jin

Played by Lee Cho Hee in the web series “First Seven Kisses,” Min Soo Jin is a Lotte Duty Free store employee who gets to pick the perfect partner for her first kiss among seven men from the goddess of fate. One of the choices is a travel writer played by Min Ho.

9. Ling Ling

Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden, who is quarter American, played Ling Ling in the series “Line Romance.” The character is a Chinese tourist who goes to South Korea and falls in love with Min Ho’s character who is a music producer.

8. Chura

Played by Choi Ah Jin, Chura is the girlfriend of high school student Min Wook Gi, played by Min Ho, in the TV series “Get Up.” Written by Ko Eun Nim and directed by Lee Jae Dong, the show about educational problems of adolescents in schools aired on MBC in 2008.

7. Geum Jan Di

Min Ho’s character in “Boys Over Flowers” was Gu Jun Pyo, a rich kid and the leader of F4. A poor girl named Geum Jan Di, played by Ku Hye Sun, stands up to Jun Pyo’s bullying ways. Jun Pyo punishes Jan Di for it but ends up falling in love with her.

6. Min Yoon Seo

In “Mackerel Run,” Min Ho played Cha Gong Chan, a student in a top private high school in Gangnam District. His love interest was Min Yoon Seo played by Moon Chae Won.

5. Park Kae In

To save his small company, architect Jeon Jin Ho, played by Min Ho in “Personal Taste,” has to pretend to be gay to become roommates with aspiring furniture designer Park Kae In, played by Son Ye Jin. The two end up falling in love with each other.

4. Kim Na Na

In “City Hunter,” Park Min Young played presidential bodyguard Kim Na Na. Min Ho’s character Lee Yoon Sung/Poochai, who is on a mission to avenge his father from his killers, cross paths with Na Na and falls in love with her.

3. Yoo Eun Soo

Aired on SBS in 2012, “Faith” was about a plastic surgeon named Yoo Eun Soo, played by Kim Hee Sun. She falls in love with the leader of the royal guard named General Choi Young, played by Min Ho, who kidnaps her and takes her back 700 years in the past.

2. Cha Eun Sang

Played by Park Shin Hye in “The Heirs,” Cha Eun Sang is a poor girl who is so lovely a rich man named Kim Tan, played by Min Ho, falls in love with her. However, Kim Tan is engaged to Rachel Yoo, played by Kim Ji Won.

1. Se Hwa/Shim Cheong

Jun Ji Hyun’s character in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is a mermaid named Se Hwa as a mermaid in the Joseon era and Shim Cheong in modern-day Seoul. She is in love with Min Ho’s character named Kim Dam Ryeong as the town head and son of a magistrate in the Joseon era and Heo Joon Jae as a modern-day con-man.

(photo from Facebook/Lee Min Ho)

Any character you think should be in the list? Let us know by commenting below:

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