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‘Ang Probinsiyano’ star Jeric Raval: ‘Double Barrel’ isn’t your typical action film

Conan Altatis, Jeric Raval

Conan Altatis, Jeric Raval

Gone are the days when the late Fernando Poe Jr., the late Rudy Fernandez, Lito Lapid, Ronnie Rickets, Phillip Salvador, Robin Padilla and Jeric Raval were the Philippine cinema’s box-office heroes with their action films regularly serving the moviegoers. But after the drought comes a comeback, thanks to master director Toto Natividad, the best action film director in the Philippines.

This 2017, fans of Raval will get to enjoy his performances both on the small screen and the big screen. Aside from ABS-CBN hit series “Ang Probinsiyano,” the Philippines’ top action star is set to star in Natividad’s “Double Barrel.”

Jeric Raval, Toto Natividad, Conan Altatis

Jeric Raval, Toto Natividad, Conan Altatis

I was given the opportunity to watch the last day of filming of “Double Barrel” in Navotas, Metro Manila, on June 18. Aside from witnessing how the master director does it, I was also able to interview the master director himself and the lead cast of the upcoming film.

In my exclusive interview with Raval, I asked him why Filipinos should watch “Double Barrel.” He replied by talking directly to his fans, saying, “You have to watch this (film), my friends, moviegoers, especially the fans of action films.”

“This is very timely,” Raval continued. “The story is very timely. When we watch ‘Double Barrel,’ we can say that this movie mirrors life. This story happens nowadays.”

“Double Barrel” is perfect for Filipino moviegoers who have been eager to see action films reign again and redeem its glory in the cinemas. As Raval put it, it is not a typical “bang-bang” action film.

Before “Double Barrel,” Natividad and Raval have worked together in some action films. One of these is the master director’s 1996 film “Melencio Magat: Dugo Laban Dugo,” which starred Raval opposite Eddie Garcia and Zoren Legazpi.

Natividad is also one of the directors of “Ang Probinsiyano.” In the TV show, Raval plays a character named Gener Guinto.

In “Double Barrel,” Raval will play a cop, which he described as one who is not necessarily bad but a straight one. The actor did not hesitate to accept the role when Natividad offered it to him as he has known the master director for a long time.

Raval has strong faith in Natividad. With unquenchable passion for films, the master director is not the kind of filmmaker who merely makes films for a living but is someone who gives all of his efforts whenever he makes one as proven in his previous works, according to the action star.

Produced by Viva Films, “Double Barrel” will hit theaters in the Philippines on Aug. 9. Joining Raval in the cast of the action film are AJ Muhlach, Phoebe Walker, Ali Khatibi, Oliver Aquino, Richard Manabat, Mon Confiado and Dindo Arroyo, among others.

Watch my interview with Raval here:

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