Billy Jack Sanchez, who? Kiko Matos’s new Baron Geisler?

Billy Jack Sanchez, Alvin Aguilar

Billy Jack Sanchez, Alvin Aguilar

Billy Jack Sanchez became known to the mixed martial arts community, particularly in the Philippines, when he uploaded a video of himself calling out Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler. In 2016, Matos and Baron battled it out in an MMA bout in the URCC cage, which ended in a draw.

Sanchez was working in Qatar when he uploaded the video, which was shared on social media by thousands of netizens. In the video, he challenged Matos and Geisler into what he called a real MMA fight.

With the barrage of messages Matos receives day in and day out on social media both from fans and haters, he does not have the time to respond to such things, especially now that he is training regularly. But Sanchez’s video became so viral that Matos found it necessary to upload a video to respond to it.

On July 25, Wednesday, Matos and Sanchez met for the first time during the press conference for “URCC: XXX” at the Winford Hotel and Casino in Manila. During the event, URCC founder and CEO Alvin Aguilar told me that the match between Matos and Sanchez was not 100 percent official yet but it was likely to happen unless Sanchez does not meet certain requirements.

“URCC: XXX” will be held at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on Aug. 12. It will be headlined by the reigning URCC middleweight and light heavyweight champion Chris Hofmann and Canadian MMA fighter Robert Sothmann.

During “URCC: XXX” press conference, fighters Mark Striegl and Mark Palomar were seated between Matos and Sanchez. Watch a video of my short interview with Sanchez below.


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