‘Double Barrel’ star Phoebe Walker plays first action film role after 2016 MMFF Best Supporting Actress award

Phoebe Walker, Conan Altatis

Phoebe Walker, Conan Altatis

Phoebe Walker is set to star in master director Toto Natividad’s “Double Barrel” opposite AJ Muhlach. This is the first action film of Walker, who won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival for her performance in Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon.”

On June 18, Natividad allowed me to watch the last day of filming of “Double Barrel.” Aside from witnessing the master director’s traditional and efficient ways of shooting action film scenes, I also saw how effective Walker is as an actress.

In my interview with Walker on the set, I asked her about her experience working with Natividad. She said she was privileged to work with the master director who knows what he is doing.

Walker revealed that she did her own stunts in the “Double Barrel” and acknowledged that filming the movie was not an easy task. But with Natividad’s expertise in action films and the help of his team, everything was smooth, she said.

Having won the 2016 MMFF Best Supporting Actress award made Walker both confident and pressured as an actress. Such an award boosted her confidence but at the same time, she is aware that people are now keeping an eye on her so there is no room for complacency.

At the end of the day, it was just a trophy, Walker pointed out. On the other hand, she clarified that she was not belittling the importance of the award.

In 2014, Walker played a friend of Derek Ramsay’s character in “Trophy Wife.” In 2015, she starred in “Gayuma” opposite Benjamin Alves and Elora Españo.

In 2016, Walker starred in the short film “Unconventional” with her “Gayuma” co-actor Kiko Matos. In the same year, she beat “Oro” actress Mercedes Cabral, “Die Beautiful” actress Gladys Reyes and “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2” actress Cai Cortez in the 2016 MMFF Best Supporting Actress category.

Among Walker and Muhlach’s “Double Barrel” co-stars are Jeric Raval, Oliver Aquino, Dindo Arroyo and “Trophy Wife” star Cristine Reyes’s husband Ali Khatibi. Like Walker, this is the first action film of Khatibi.

Produced by Viva Films, “Double Barrel” will hit Philippine theaters nationwide on Aug. 9. Watch my full interview with Walker here:

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