10 reasons to watch Toto Natividad’s ‘Double Barrel’ starring AJ Muhlach, Phoebe Walker, Jeric Raval

AJ Muhlach

AJ Muhlach (VIVA Films/Facebook)

“Double Barrel” will hit theaters in the Philippines on Aug. 9, Wednesday. Here are 10 of the many reasons why Filipinos should watch this action film:

  1. It marks the comeback of action films in the Philippines, thanks to master director Toto Natividad.

It has been years since a big action film graced the big screens in the Philippines. This also marks the comeback of Natividad as an action film director. Among the action stars he directed were Cesar Montano, Ace Espinosa, Bong Revilla, Eddie Garcia, the late Ace Vergel and the late Rudy Fernandez.

  1. If it is a Toto Natividad film, expect exploding cars.

As a master director, Natividad keeps the story intact but still makes sure the movie is action-packed. In “Double Barrel,” the audience is in for a treat with guns, car chases and exploding cars, among others.

  1. It is a Viva Films movie, which means it was well-budgeted.

Decades ago, Viva Films produced action films starring action stars Phillip Salvador, Robin Padilla and Raymart Santiago, among others. Recently, it generously funded “Double Barrel,” which puts together not only big action scenes but also a veteran action director, a veteran action star, an award-winning lead actress and a new action star along with supporting actors who gave impressive performances.

  1. Phoebe Walker gives a character that transforms from a housewife to a woman that kicks ass.

After winning Best Supporting Actress at the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 for her portrayal of a mysterious nun in Erik Matti’s “Seklusyon,” Walker landed her first lead role in an action film. In “Double Barrel,” she plays a character that displays her acting prowess as a dramatic actress in the first part of the film, an action star in the latter part and as a dramatic actress again at the end.

  1. It introduces AJ Muhlach as an action star.

Muhlach has appeared in several romantic movies in the past including Viva Films movies “Diary ng Panget” and “Para sa Hopeless Romantic.” In “Double Barrel,” Viva Films is launching him as an action star and he proved that he deserved to be given such an opportunity.

  1. It is yet another action film starring action superstar Jeric Raval.
    After Raval, there has been no significant Filipino action star that followed. In “Double Barrel,” he proved that Filipino action films are not dead and his action movie magic is very much alive and kicking.

7. There is a faceoff between veteran action superstar Jeric Raval and new action star AJ Muhlach.

Raval and Muhlach shared several scenes in “Double Barrel.” But there is one particular scene between just the two actors that seemed to be a rite involving the passing of the action superstar title from Raval to Muhlach.

  1. Based on true events, the movie talks about the so-called drug-related extrajudicial killings in the Philippines in a way that Filipinos have never seen before.

There have been several Filipino movies about the war on drugs and the so-called extrajudicial killings since President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration started. “Double Barrel” combined real-life events and cinematic license to show the audience the message of the filmmaker in a way that is not predictable and not preachy.

  1. Mon Confiado will catch your attention without delivering any dialogues.

Confiado had a few scenes in “Double Barrel” that did not require him to deliver lines. Regardless, his performance in this movie is one of the most memorable ones.

  1. Oliver Aquino and Ali Khatibi gave performances that deserve awards.

Both Aquino and Khatibi deserve at least an acting award nomination, if not an acting award, for their respective performances in “Double Barrel.” Previous acting experience seemed to have honed Aquino’s nuisances and dialogue delivery while Khatibi is surprisingly effective and impeccable in giving life to his role considering that this is his first movie project.

Meanwhile, watch an interview with Jeric Raval on the set of “Double Barrel” here:


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