Mark Striegl’s MMA mentors: AJ Pyro, Yuji Hoshino

Yuji Hoshino, Mark Striegl, AJ Pyro

Yuji Hoshino, Mark Striegl, AJ Pyro (Borneo Tribal Squad/Facebook)

As an MMA fighter, Mark “Mugen” Striegl trains with different gyms to make sure he gets the best there is. But there are two veteran fighters that he considers his main mentors, one from Malaysia and one from Japan.

“I like to hop around,” Striegl told me and explained that a fighter gets stagnant with his skills and gets used to certain patterns if he trains in the same place with the same people all the time. For him, this is not advisable because fighting in the cage is completely different.

“If you keep training with the same people, you get used to what they are gonna throw, or their techniques, right?” Striegl pointed out. He explained that during a fight, it is imperative to improvise and make up everything on the spot so the fighter has to be ready for anything that comes his way.

On the other hand, Striegl clarified that it is important to have that one strong team of people who are going to “support you and track your progress” and people who “you can grow with.” He added, “But at the same time it is important to cross-train, so that’s the reason that I jump around.”

When I asked Striegl who he considers as his main MMA mentors, he mentioned AJ Pyro from Malaysia and Yuji Hoshino from Japan. Striegl trained with Pyro of Borneo Tribal Squad in Malaysia.

For Striegl, Pyro is both a great coach and a friend. Both Pyro, who is now retired, and Striegl are former ONE Championship fighters.

Before meeting Pyro, Striegl spent his childhood in Japan. Hoshino was Striegl’s coach there and the one who got him involved in MMA when he was in high school.

Currently, Striegl is with Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC). He will fight Andrew Benibe at “URCC: XXX” on Aug. 12, Saturday, at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Watch a clip from my interview with Striegl here:


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