‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 star Nick Viall: I still love Vanessa Grimaldi very much

It has been confirmed that Nick Viall and “The Bachelor” Season 21 winner Vanessa Grimaldi are no longer in a relationship. However, this does not necessarily mean that the love between the two is complete gone.

“I still love her very much,” Viall told Us Weekly referring to Grimaldi. “I’m not afraid to say that. I like to try new things, get out of my comfort zone.”

As Viall pointed out, he has a lot of work to do when it comes to getting out of his comfort zone. On the other hand, he always appreciates the opportunity to try new things, which he said is a lot of fun.

In times that are not great, spending time with loved ones is necessary for Viall. He is trying to stay positive and he said believing in himself and being around friends and family help him do that.

It is obviously easy to get insecure and feel bad about himself, Viall acknowledged, especially when things are not working out for him. To cope with the situation, he said he is always trying to stay busy with things.

Viall revealed that he was heading back to Chicago, which he said will be good for him. For him, he was lucky enough to have friends outside of Los Angeles.

Aside from his friends and family, Viall pointed out that he and Grimaldi are “still very much each other’s support system.” It is challenging sometimes but they still realize that they are there for each other, Viall added.

Grimaldi is also enlisting the help of her friends and family to cope with the breakup. She has returned to Canada a week after E! News reported that the two called off their engagement.

On “The Bachelor” Season 21 finale, which aired on ABC in March, Viall proposed to Grimaldi. The two are reportedly still very much in contact with each other even after their breakup.

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