Eminem-produced film ‘Bodied’ screened at Toronto International Film Festival 2017

Daniel Rashid (Furyosa/YouTube)

Daniel Rashid (Furyosa/YouTube)

Detroit rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who is mononymously known as Eminem, has recently produced a movie. Titled “Bodied,” the satirical battle rap film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2017 on Sept. 7, Thursday.

With Eminem as the producer, “Bodied” was written by the Toronto rapper and former King of the Dot champion Alex Larsen, who is professionally known as Kid Twist, and directed by Joseph Khan. Among the stars of the movie are “American Vandal” star Calum Worthy, “MADtv” alum Debra Wilson, “War Machine” star Anthony Michael Hall, “Goliath” star Lisa Maley, Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club personality Charlamagne Tha God and “Antidote 15” alum Daniel Rashid.

Film critics and battle rap fans filled the 1,200-seat auditorium at the TIFF 2017 during the “Bodied” world premiere. In his introduction, Khan joked about having his career damaged by the controversial movie, Hip Hop DX quoted him as saying.

Khan has been a fan of Kid Twist for a long time. The former, a Korean-American filmmaker who is a Houston native and New York University dropout, has been looking forward to collaborating with the latter.

“I wanted to show him a very early, very crappy rough cut and see if he connected to it at all,” Kahn told Hollywood Reporter referring to Kid Twist. “He watched the movie and loved it.”

“Bodied” is two hours long. The movie explores why offensive language, which is generally condemned, is tolerated in the underground hip-hop world.

As Khan explained, people in battle rap would say “the meanest, craziest, most racist things, and then they would get a beer together, and they would be friends.” This is what the directed wanted to explore in “Bodied.”

Furthermore, Kahn noted that while the battle rap world is an underground message of free speech, “Bodied” does not automatically take the side of free speech because the question about the limit to it is still being asked. Watch the trailer of the film here:


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