YSL Beauty ambassador Z.Tao: Makeup is like a weapon

Chinese rapper, singer-songwriter and actor Huang Zitao, 24, who is professionally known as Z.Tao, is one of the male celebrities who are proudly promoting makeup for men. He is the newest ambassador of the Parisian brand Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Beauty.

YSL Beauty has a web series titled “Before the Light.” The first season of the web series featured “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2” star Zoë Kravitz, French duo  Lilly Wood and The Prick’s other half Nilli Hadida and K-pop star Son Ga In, who is mononymously known as Gain.

In “Before the Light” Season 1, women promoted Touche Éclat while discussing the importance of makeup. The men who were featured in the videos were only used as extras.

“Before the Light” Season 2 episode 1 features Z.Tao in a mostly black-and-white video. In the video, the former member of the K-pop group EXO says makeup helps him to become the person he really dreams to be.

For Z.Tao, makeup is like a weapon and a form of creation. The musician and actor added that makeup is like a totally free version of himself.

Z.Tao was a member of EXO from 2011 to 2015. As an actor, he played his first film role in 2015 in “You are My Sunshine.”

In 2016, Z.Tao starred in “Railroad Tigers” with Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan, Wang Kai and Wang Ta Lu. The former EXO member recently starred in “The Game Changer” and “Edge of Innocence” and is set to star in “The Legend of Famen Temple.”

Fans of Z.Tao will see him singing and dancing in “Before the Light” Season 2 episode 1. In particular, he promotes Couture Kajal and Top Secrets Lip Perfector of YSL Beauty in the video. Watch it here:

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