What’s ‘Aurelio Sedisyoso’ actor Baron Geisler’s dream role?

Nicanor Tiongson, Baron Geisler

Nicanor Tiongson, Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler wowed the audience at the Cultural Center of the Philippines when he played Tikbalang during the final run of Nicanor Tiongson’s “Aurelio Sedisyoso” on Sept. 17, Sunday. After taking time to take pictures with the audience members and his co-actors, the award-winning actor took me to his dressing room where we had a quick interview.

Knowing that Geisler is a very versatile actor, I asked him about his dream role. Apparently, the film, TV and theater actor is not really picky when it comes to accepting acting projects.

Conan Altatis, Baron Geisler

Conan Altatis, Baron Geisler

Geisler said he is willing to do any role given to him “as long as it makes sense” both to him and to the audience. For him, it is important that the audience has something to learn from what they watch, which has to be relevant just like “Aurelio Sedisyoso.”

Jokingly, Geisler said he wanted to become an actress. At one point in “Aurelio Sedisyoso,” his character was in a woman’s dress.

On the big screen, the last role played by Geisler is a cop in Brillante Mendoza’s “Ma’ Rosa,” which was screened at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival. Written by Troy Espiritu, the film also starred Jaclyn Jose, Julio Diaz, Felix Roco, Andy Eigenmann, Jomari Angeles, Alan Paule, Vince Rillon, Kristofer King, Mercedes Cabral and Maria Isabel Lopez.

Geisler is set to star in “Right to Kill,” which was written by Espiritu and directed by Mendoza. Among his co-stars in the upcoming film are Roco, Paule, Rillon, King, Rosanna Roces, Bella Padilla, Allen Dizon, Archi Adamos, Matt Daclan, Mark Dionisio, Apollo Abraham, Kenken Nuyad, Marvin Sanchez, Star Ortaliza, Xixi Maturan, Elijah Filamor, Cataleya Surio, Dexter Macaraeg, Raymond Rinoza and JC Tan Bites.

According to Geisler, the appearance of his role in “Right to Kill” had to be made shorter because of his schedule with “Aurelio Sedisyoso.” Still, the actor was very grateful that he was able to do both the stageplay and the film.

On the small screen, Geisler will play a guest role on “AMO,” a TV series written by Espiritu and directed by Mendoza to be aired on TV5. His fellow guest actors include Kiko Matos and Angela Cortez.

Watch my interview with Geisler here:

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